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EarWorms! (What songs are in your head?)

So we all know about these… you start on a run and some song pops into your head… and it stays there with you… for the. whole. run.
What’s been popping into your head lately?

For me, like the past two weeks, it’s been “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by Journey… yeah… stuck.

Too much Heilung in my head lately

You asked…Bad lip reading-Seagulls (YouTube)
Don’t judge

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I have never heard of this band. They seem pretty amazing.
I watched Krigsgaldr about 5 times now.

Speaking of earworms, anyone else remember this flash animation gem from like 2003? The Original Banana Phone Flash - YouTube Kids loved this video when I was in college and it recently came up in a conversation with my wife.

Whoa… ummm… I …. Uhh… don’t ever recall hearing this song. Nope. Never.

I really enjoy the barbershop version by The Newfangled Four. Here’s one video of them. https://youtu.be/hLJXurx6Nnk

1 out of 5 stars. Do Not Like… and disappointed in such shenanigans!

I enjoy this band’s original works, but I’ve had this cover of theirs on repeat lately

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I love this. And her voice! So great!!

Icelandic Eurovision insanity, I give you:

One my faves! The Eurovision movie was a lot of fun too :slight_smile:

It’s currently a few hours before I got get up and run Cayuga Trails and I can’t sleep so I turned to The Best of INXS, all but guaranteeing “Taste It” and “Suicide Blonde” will dominate my enfeebled brain while slogging up Lick Brook for the second time.

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@Petorius , I wish I would’ve known that was what was in your head when I saw you at mile 25!

I’ve probably contributed half the views

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SO that dude has some serious charisma. And he’s obviously a Michael Jackson fan. But yeah… that’s real good. Real Good.