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Easter Bunny or No?

We’ve been an Easter Bunny family. This year, I think remain an Easter Bunny family, but severely de-emphasized. There will be a chocolate rabbit somewhere and maybe some Peeps, but that’s about it.

However, I do think there is something really fun about Easter Egg hunts. Especially those where one can hide fun, little items inside the eggs. Nothing quite like opening a found treasure on a hunt and discovering a fortune cookie sized slip of paper that reads, “It’s a wise person that can take from a fruitless endeavor” :slight_smile:

I’m holding strong with the bunny, Santa, the tooth fairy and every other thing I can. They grow up too fast, holding onto all the magic possible

Riley found the Elf while searching for her Easter basket. :flushed:

We did none of the above this year. It’s fun, but couldn’t get to it