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Fall runnnnnning!

I love it.
I won’t hide it anymore. The fall is the best for running. Even when it doesn’t get light until 10 am and gets dark shortly after lunch. Fall is the best.
The bugs and humidity can take a dirt nap while I crunch pretty little leaves into their resting place!

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I’ll take the summertime’s drier trails, max daylight, and absence of hunting closures any day of the week. Fall is definitely my #2 season for running, while spring takes the bronze. And in a distant fourth winter fails to get even a consolation prize.

Says the guy who did Beast Of Burden winter 50!
I noticed you make no mention of bugs in your precious summertime. You got some sort of teflon coating that keeps them away?
I’m so sweet, they’re all over me the second I get on the trail.
You got it with hunting closures though… super annoying. I haven’t quite learned to navigate/deal with some places, so I just avoid and go to the county parks during fall. So yeah, one strike there. But fall has so much going for it, that I’ll deal.

No, you just gotta outrun the bugs.

I’ve done Winter Beast 3 times as my way of giving winter the finger. And I’m considering doing it again this winter.

Fall is indeed the best followed up by spring than winter than summer. Cooler temps and the beauty of the trails is what does it for me. The fall closures are annoying on the FLT - but beyond that I just make sure to wear bright colors and a shirt :slight_smile:

Best Season for Running
  • Spring :man_shrugging:
  • Summer :point_left: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
  • Fall :thinking:
  • Winter :cold_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :skull_and_crossbones:

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I can’t figure out how to make a 1-2-3-4 ranking system poll.

I went with spring. Yes the fall can have a magical eclipse of dry and warm weather right before the leaves fall. However as Lewis Black says “F fall, I hate the fall! It’s bullshit! Oh, the leaves change color. They change color for two days. Then a big wind comes, you got nothin’ but sticks for the rest of the year! “
Then you can’t see the hazards on the trail.
In the spring there’s no bugs, the woods are open and you can see a long ways. The legs aren’t beaten down from too many races yet and the days are getting longer too. The right answer is there is no bad season for running but if I’m going to pick, there it is.

Seems like a pretty biased poll :wink:

Yeah… Pete really laid it on with that last skull and crossbones

Alright, after a few weeks of fall running I have to admit when it’s sunny out it’s about as good as gets.

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I didn’t mention the dark corners of fall running, which is the 41 degrees and rainy mornings. But those are the uhh… character building mornings, I guess.

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I talked Cobb and another friend into doing the 25. I am doing the 50. I’ve never done it winter stuff interests me. I am dabbling in the thought of exploring the full on sled dragging winter ultras. It appeals to me

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Well that beautiful fall weather has turned to a couple inches of wet snow and mixed precipitation real fast. I’m having a little trouble switching from shorts to winter mode running. I’ve had a couple dns days. This is usually the time of year I look at treadmills online for a few days before I just get over it.
Time to dig out the hokas with screws and the winter gear. I like the thought of having a race in January to look forward to Jesse. I’m glad you like yourself enough to go with the 50 instead of the 100. That’s the distance Im considering as well.

Only one of the four seasons is guaranteed to not have snow or require tights. I’m just sayin’.

I’m so ready for winter. What the hell is up with pollen floating around in the middle of November? My sinuses are killing me! All this moldy nature needs to freeze!!!

I’ve been more congested the last 2 weeks than all of summer. Even found a tick a week ago. Not sure I’m quite ready for snowy trails - but I’ll take them!