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Group Events Calendar

A calendar of all the Group Events ever! Remember when we used to see people and do things?
This calendar is for group runs, trail work days, and just general ol’ events that you want folks to know about. (use the race calendar for races)
To add an event to the calendar, simply:

  • Reply to the first post in the thread
  • Click the calendar looking icon.
  • Select the date and time of the event.
  • In the first line after the date, add the name of the event
    When people click the event in the calendar it will bring them to the post you create. So add whatever information you want them to know!

iRUNdequoit Group Run
Meet at ISquare
contact @Jeff or check out the iRundequoit Group Runs Thread

Hopchester Beer Runners
Traveling Brewery runs

Kind Borough Runners
Running from Three Heads Brewery

Ha whoops, put this in the wrong feed​:joy::woman_facepalming:t3: