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Happy December, It’s Lottery Season

Happy December!
Anyone got there name in a hat this weekend? After last year’s big spend on one ticket decided to not put in for wser this year to be safe. Hard Rock’s 0.4% chance vs wser’s 0.8% chance seemed much safer.
Good luck locals!

Well with your luck… I got twice the odds as last year - which seems to work out to around 1.6%. Lots of Rochester people got their name in that hat!

I know Jamie Hobbs put in for BOTH WSER and HardRock. And you know his luck. So, I’m interested to see how that goes.
I’ll be heading over Dr. Oskvig’s house to watch the lottery with both Daven and Abby who also are both in the WSER Lottery. If Daven doesn’t get in this year… well… I don’t know…

Daven finally gets better than 50% odds… but also crazy that after 7 years that it isn’t more. New people are going to be (on average) taking probably close to 10 years to get in I bet.

Glad Daven got in! He cut it awfully close there. Charlie Granger also got in. Didn’t catch anyone else locally, but I missed a few names.

Happy for all the east coasters that got in. High school friend who now lives in truckee got in and was at the drawing. He was like 4-5 years deep in the lotto. Pumped for him

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Ya, didn’t see many upstate “one ticket blunders” this go around.
Congrats to Daven though, sounds like he was due. Hopefully it all falls into place for him.
Kind of good I didn’t get picked for HR100. I told my wife the odds were so low she could quit her job if I got picked.

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IRunFar listed Daven as one of the top competitive lottery draws…

(They listed his tunnel hill 4th place… but Daven as a bunch of 100 mile firsts… including a 15:19 in 95 degree heat)

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Pretty awesome to be on that list - 2022 Western States 100 Top Entrants – iRunFar