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Introduce Yourself! Right On!

Hey Everybody! This is a brand new site and so maybe we should introduce ourselves and use this topic to get to know each other a little bit!

I’ll go first, my name is Chris O’Brien. I prefer running trails, but roads can also get the job done. But I really do prefer to run trails. I get picked on for always being able to be found on the Mendon 10k loop. I run other places too!

Jeffrey McBeth, tech nerd, hanger-on, erstwhile trail runner. Plan to be on the 10k loop this weekend


Hi there! I’m Jaime and I just like to run… I prefer trails but still have love for roads and even (gasp) my treadmill :joy: I love being goofy when running and out on adventures ( air swimming, skipping, run dancing…) and I LOVE ‘dad’ jokes.


Josh Frankel. I love trails, but run a fair amount of roads during training too. Always up for a fun trail adventure! I enjoy the convenience of those east-side trails so run a lot at Mendon or Crescent


Hi, I’m Tom. I lived in the Rochester area for 10+ years but then got sucked back into the 315 by family and now I’m in Pulaski. I still like to get out to Rochester and experience the running scene when I can. I miss Boughton Park the most.
I like to do all kinds of running and I’m also just a fan of the sport and community. I gravitate to the laid back trail scene end of running.


Pete Kresock, from Ithaca. I’m here 'cuz I like trails, running, and trail running, and @ChrisO guilted me into joining :grinning: I’ve met several of you in real life at races in the Rochester and/or Ithaca areas.


Hello! I’m Ellie and soon shall be moving to the Roc :smile: am looking forward to meeting y’all!


Movin to the B-Roc. :slight_smile:

I just got to your podcast announcement. Congratulations on all the changes.

Jesse Canfield. Podcast addict, son of the Catskills. Fan of bad ideas


Hi Jesse! Glad ya joined.
I made it down to the Catskills twice this winter… well… once in the winter and once in the “spring”


Catskills have long been on my list of need to hike places

There is no spring there is only winter and winter lite

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