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Medved Madness - How was it!?

Did anyone run or go to Madness!?!
My favorite part of that race, (except the trails, of course) is the AWESOME food/beer hangout. Wondering how it was this year.

Attendees, Report back! I’m interested to hear tales of the outside world. :upside_down_face:

Event was awesome. Waves of 10 people - 1 minute apart. Mort decided to show some love to me - so Wave 1 it was. Took it out in 6th behind Phil/Chris/Scott and then Steven/Rob. Stayed there until Steven/Rob made a wrong turn - Steven eventually blew right past me, but Rob was close by the whole race. Finished up 5th in the wave and 9th overall after a few fasties from later waves ran some great races. Course was a big loop this year - got around 13.3 on the watch and 1300 ft gain. Usual amount of muddy spots, dry spots, flat spots, hilly spots, and the POND!

I was definitely a bit bummed when I signed up knowing there was no official food/beer hangout. They were nice enough to have some post race water bottles, chips, and candy. There was even an unofficial mid-race water station. But it did not matter and it was a totally awesome day. People hung out, people chatted, there were quite a few groups of people hanging out in the parking lot with chairs/beer. Great to chat with and see so many people that I haven’t seen in far too log + dogs + baby and meet some new trail runners. The downpour that was predicted all day finally kicked in at 2:45 and put an end to the hanging out. A+++++ and 5 Stars.


That’s awesome, Josh!
I saw everyone’s route on Strava. Looked like a really cool loop actually. And SO MANY people… wow…
And Bully for you hangin’ up front! :muscle: :muscle:

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