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Hey @ChrisO, did you see that relay team of tech geeks at Virgil Crest? Five computer nerds formed a rock group to play original songs, then took it a step further by signing up for the 100-mile relay. During the race, they decided to break up the rock group, then promptly DNF’ed while blaming IT band issues.


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You may not have done enough damage to your hip at Virgil to require an MRI, but perhaps you should look into a CT Scan.

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I dunno what you’re talking about… the CT scan on my leg was negative :grinning:

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We have a bad joke sub forum now?

You hear about the guy who signed up for a marathon after having dinner at a bad Mexican restaurant?
Yeah… he figured, “Why not?” Since he already had the runs!

You guys made me wonder what other running jokes are out there. (Not that I was wondering if there are better ones)
I stumbled on this book.

Anyone know if it’s any good?

Is it a bit of hubris to say that without even looking at this that I think we could do better? (And that we missed a helluva opportunity!)

@Jesse nice job to come back from Virgil and finish the Cats tail marathon! Hopefully it was fun. Did you have any high/low points or new challenges during this race? I’m bummed to have missed it and I’m looking to live vicariously.

It wasn’t awesome. I’m pretty burned out. It was a struggle bus. That being said it’s a wonderful course and I will do it again next year if they let me.

burned out?
I can’t imagine that… I mean, Western States, Eastern States, Virgil, Cat’s Tail… There’s almost 3 months left in the year… time for at least 3 more 100s!

Hellgate is now taking applications. Just saying…

I’m turning over my ultrasignup password to a grownup

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Ha Ha Ha Ha… @Jesse I think that might be a bad idea, given the adults you know!
Maybe something more automated…

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