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Projects and the running life, what gives?

So, the weather is breaking… and for the great Northeast Home Owner, that means :derelict_house: Projects! ™

What gives?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m finally feeling empowered (aka fed up) to handle them, Especially with the power of HD Tool rental, but dang, they do cramp my running lifestyle.

How do y’all manage family life, work and running… and the manage to keep running once :derelict_house: Projects! ™ get involved?

Not very well. Project duration is proportional to weekly mileage. If I’m running a lot, projects drag on for a long time. It doesn’t help if I’m running higher mileage I feel like I need to get that recovery sleep that takes even more time. If you figure it out let me know.

I’d like to get to your side of the balance. I tend to fall off running when there are so many projects going on… Wake up, work, notice project stuff needs to happen, do project stuff, now it’s late, sleep repeat next day.

Pretend I’ll get to it then be frustrated when I don’t. I should just hire someone to do it but I never do. Then go run

Ya, I do that a lot. Seems whatever I say I’ll do in the morning actually happens. Saying I’ll fit a run in late in the day doesn’t usually pan out.