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Q: Should the boards be open for view only without an account?

So initially, it was “you must have an account to read” while the wallpaper and curtains were being put up. It still has a lot of that to happen.

But what do you think, so it be open to read, but an account to contribute?
Or should it remain closed up for now?

I think that’s a matter of if we are comfortable with trolls or not.

I have lurked on other forums before. It’s a nice way to start exploring and learning the dynamic before jumping in and posting.

I agree, Jesse. I guess I meant interms of the comments about how the site should work and all that while we are kicking the tires and making sure it works properly.
I like the “be able to read before you sign up” … but I was thinking, while it kinda isn’t great and doesn’t look awesome and everyone is pitching in to make it something nicer.

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