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Running Inside Out 100 - Pete Kresock

Had a lot of fun recording this one.
And I must say, after … almost 10 months, it was really great to put out a RIO episode.
I really liked that part of the FLRC challenge… and no joke, I’ve checked it out each morning since recording. Super cool!

Did you listen? Got thoughts comments questions?
Do you think Lucas really did have all 9 episodes plotted out from the very beginning?

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It was a very cool surprise to have a new episode to listen to on my run this morning and yes I think Lucas did have the story but I don’t think he thought he was going get to make more movies.
I saw Ian is letting the disappointed VT100 people know that Virgil is open if they want an alternative since Vermont is canceled. From what Pete said sounds like it will be a trade off for cooler weather but steeper and more rugged terrain.

Thanks again for having me on! It was fun talking to you and talking about actual in-person, organized races again. You forgot to mention though that I’d be the one to get this pod to the century mark. Also, I’m disappointed that your first link in the show notes is to the Star Wars Holiday Special. It dashes my hopes that Mark Hamill will ever listen to this ep. :grinning:

I really hope the podcast is back for the long haul. I look forward to more episodes with good people!

Enjoying listening to this one for the big 100. Glad to hear you back on the air.

I look forward to my gold star :wink:

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And since it always rain at Virgil Crest you get the added benefit of not having to shower after the race! You can’t say that about Vermont.

The one and only time I will beat Pete. FLRC 100k ultra challenge complete. Just waiting for him to come in and dominate my time. It was almost exclusively type two fun

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Whoa!! Very Nice.
See, There are some very cool things I miss by not being on the larger internet, but now here in this little corner, we have an ol’fashioned throwdown.

That’s excellent @Jesse ! Did you meticulously plan this or was in a spur of the moment, open weekend type thing?

I did a little planning but it was mostly “i have the next 20 hours without any clear emergencies happening so I better get it done”
FLRC has a similar forum to this that I detailed the whole thing after the fact to satisfy the verification stuff. I didn’t post it on social media that I can recall. Strava doesn’t count right? :sweat_smile:
Started after work around 915pm and finished Friday Afternoon mostly solo with one friend doing the first 8 miler and two friends doing the last 6 miler. If anyone is looking for a good dumb idea I would recommend it. It was fun to have the mixed terrain and stuff.

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@Petorius crushed my 100k time on the FLRC 100k challenge yesterday in some hot stormy weather. Way to go Pete!:clap::clap:

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Thanks! You still have the fastest elapsed time from start to finish though.

I wasn’t dodging epic storms just a little heat and some missed turns :joy: