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Saturday trail run

Hey! Short notice, but if anyone’s interested, I’m running the Seneca trail tomorrow (Saturday 4/10) 8 am start, from Boughton hill rd trailhead (aka creepy barn) to Boughton park and back, planning on 10 miles. All are welcome to join!


10 is many miles for me, but I’d love to be there…

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So do it, out in the miles you can, rejoice in the power of others. I’ll be walking the 10k loop tomorrow at 10:15. No running for me at the moment

I think I’ll try to find you on the 10k loop.

I’m sorry about my delay. It was wonderful to see you. I wish I’d seen this notification before, i could have warned you of my tardiness

nah… no worries. We finished up around 10 and just hung out in the lot for a while… I figured you’d come by eventually.
Hopefully that was the first of many rendez-vous for 2021