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Tom and Alyson= NY’s Running Power Couple?

Listened to the new pod on a drive @TommyTighe made me feel podcast adjacent famous with the name drop☺️
Need to swing up to Pulaski and train with the Brains behind the operation Alyson.

Really excited to see you back at it Chris, love the local/regional content.

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Jesse it would be great to have you come up for a run or we could meet up between.
Glad you enjoyed a few goofs talking running. I got to admit I think we were both a little nervous. I think the prerun helps though.
WSER has so many pieces it’s a tough story to tell without breaking it down in great detail.
Did you experience anything in the race that really stuck out to you?
Did you see that lone IPA lying in the little stream somewhere leaving the high country and give it a thought? I’m not sure if I was hallucinating or if that was some real trail magic.
I’ll never forget how fast Camille blew past me near pointed rocks. A reminder of what fast running looks like after I was just doing a lot of shuffling.

Same Camille experience post Green Gate. Saw a mass of blond hair in the dark move past me. Realized who it was, shouted something about TJM, she laughed (she’s got that iconic laugh) and then watching that head lamp move ridiculously fast up the terrain.

Other experience that stuck with me was Cal Street aka “Walk & Broth” about mid way. It was pretty bright moon lit and the road picked up the light well so my pacer and I turned off our headlamps and hiked by moonlight for like a while.

These are the kind of details that could’ve really spiced up that episode Tom!!
Kidding… like I said after the podcast though… lots of folks remember a million little details immediately after I stop recording. Which is originally why I started the CoolDown episodes. Though I found that guests kept doing the episode because they knew it was “the cool down” so, it didn’t quite have the relief effect that you and Alyson had at the end of the recording.

Camille must’ve made a heckuva recovery… I guess I didn’t even realize she was behind you guys.

And yeah, @Jesse , it feels pretty good to be doing podcasts again… hopefully we’ll keep it rolling. I got some plans to help with that. Thanks for the support along the way!

Maybe you all can check my reference point but running this evening felt hot! I’ve heard I’m known for claiming it was hot on moderate days but today felt legit!
I know it may be a little early to be starting to check but the weather.com forecast for Twisted this year is currently a high of 83 and a low of 64. Potentially going to be a warm one. Can’t wait!