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Twisted Branch... one of the 7 toughest trail races

Pretty decent set of peers here for Twisted… Whaddya think?

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It’s a weird list. I’m glad our race is getting attention.

You might remember the author, Matt Smythe from this little gem…
“Give Me Trails” - Give Me Trails on Vimeo

Give me trails is definitely a gem

I’m new to the forum here. Thanks for the invite!

These lists never make sense and are usually just clickbait, but it’s cool to see Twisted on the list two spots below Barkley and two above Hardrock. And to nitpick… there’s like absolutely no logic to the list. Where’s the Sri Chimoy 3100? How is Western States even considered when there’s an aid station like every two miles and 25 volunteers for each runner? Twisted Branch but not Manitou’s Revenge?

I think it is really just an arbitrary list meant to expose some tough trail races to the readership of the site. They seem like races that are familiar to the author. I don’t know that it was intended to be a definitive list. It does say “7 of the toughest” and not “THE 7 toughest”
(But Sri Chimnoy wouldn’t be in it anyway as it isn’t a trail race :upside_down_face: )

Also, Hi Pete! Glad to have ya here!

Twisted is an awesome race and looking forward (hopefully) to running it again this year. It isn’t an easy trail race - but I wouldn’t consider it as part of a toughest list. Cool to see some more recognition even in a click-bait article.