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Twisted! Sold out in 9 minutes 🤯 Are you In?

So Twisted Branch is totally gonna happen.
I know some of you like @TommyTighe and @Jesse have other, more uhh… Western based races on their mind at this point, but what about the rest of you?

ya goin to Twisted?

I knew it was gonna be fast but 9 minutes is aggressive.

Wow, that is fast. I’m still in for Twisted too. I’m going back to set that one right. I never really left the pain cave after mile 30 something the last go of it. That’s the idea anyway, it might just get uglier this time.

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Looking forward to it again! Had a blast in 2019. Good seeing you out there at Cayuga

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We’ll be waiting for you all at the McBeth™ mile 40 aid station

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7 days until Twisted Branch!
This is so exciting, it’s going to be a great adventure! We have a crew of 3 runners and 3 pacers from Pulaski, it should be a good time :+1:!

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Just got back from doing some course marking. Course is in pretty good shape this year despite us letting it lie dormant for 730 days!!

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How does the TB course hold up to a lot of rain? Does there tend to be a lot of spots that will try to suck your shoes off like the sehgahunda marathon out and backs? From what I remember the flat parts tended to be more developed trails and roads. Should I rush order some Hoka Jawz? Lol

You know what… Most spots actually do hold up pretty well. It’s part of that FLT brutality that repels the rain. But in 2018, we had quite a bit of rain on day of and few runners said to us, “you should have ropes across your rivers” … we didn’t know we had rivers.
the lower parts will definitely be a bit wet… I’m thinking some places like around Cutler AS into the Nature Preserve… things like that will be wet. And you can probably expect miles 31-40ish to be pretty wet.
There aren’t many climbs that do something like go up a stream bed…
but yeah… there are a bunch of gullies that might be fulled up by the end of the week.