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UTMB Live Coverage

I’m not quite how I would feel running it, with all the drones, helicopters, bikes, runners with gimbals etc… might feel like quite a lot…
BUT! The coverage of the race is absolutely phenomenal. Top of it’s class. I’d argue better than Tour De France (due to the difficulty… I think Tour is still more polished…)


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I’m guessing if any of us had a chance to go do UTMB we would be able to find a way to look past the drones and helicopters! I think I would give a small toe or two to do that race.
Heck I would love to go spectate.
I woke up at 1am last night and decided to check in, next thing I know it’s an hour later and it had sucked me in. I absolutely love the coverage. Was bummed to see Jim and Tim dropped in the overnight carnage but Courtneys incredible run was enough to keep my spirits high. Then as day broke over the alps the views were incredible. They were showing some mid-pack runners taking pictures of a vista and it looked like it was out of a movie of a fictional place. No matter how they run that race that area is an incredible place to run!
Funny thing is when I fell back asleep I had a dream we came across Jim W. on a group run in the ‘dacks and we were trying to cheer him up after dropping out.
Might have to cut back when I start having dreams about the racers.

You are totally such a fan boy.
But I agree with you in a way… I would honestly get cut off because I spent too much time taking pictures of the mountains. WoW.
Sure we have “big sky” with Montana, but they have “Big Ground” pretty much nailed over there. Sheesh.,