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Western States Finishers!

Amazing that nearly 3000 miles away, over a course of 100 miles and 28 hours of effort, three New Yorkers who all got into WSER on Twisted Branch tickets two years ago would find themselves at the finish line within 8 minutes of each other!

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Congratulations to @Jesse and @TommyTighe ! (and Olga too… hopefully she’ll find her way to the board some day :upside_down_face: )
You’re probably sleeping the sleep of restless sleeps, but hopefully tonight you’ll get the real rest!

Though, I hear belt buckles don’t make for good pillows, so maybe you’ll want to put it down for a few minutes

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I ate burritos after the race. All of them

Hobbs finished in 23:30 and one of my absolute favorite things was when they rolled out breakfast at the track. It wasn’t just breakfast for runners. It was for runners, pacers AND crew. Super generous of them. And after being up for 30 hours crewing and all the things that go along with that, it was very much appreciated.

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It was a great scene, it was however hot as hades. The buckle ceremony was like a sauna full of smelly people.

I had an airbnb in Auburn for one of my crew who we planned to have bail after FH to be the responsible adult in the morning. Turned out the owner was volunteering at Green gate and let us stay past check out so after finish My pacer and I got a nice shower/beer and some ac

After just making it out of the medical tent to get my buckle I had to head to the car for some AC. I was on borrowed time in that heat. Like frosty in the greenhouse.
I was bummed to not be sticking around but I’m so glad I was at least able to watch the golden hour. It’s my favorite! It brought tears to my eyes.
I’m hoping I can add something to my routine before twisted branch that keeps my quads from blowing up in the big vert races. I can’t drive to the hills more than I do so I guess I’ll try adding biking and squats.
I’m already looking forward to running twisted. Hopefully I can keep up with my WSER pacers on the trip to Hammondsport.

I’m not sure what you mean about the heat. In Greek mythology Hades is not hot at all like Hell in Christianity and other modern religions. Hades is an underworld for the souls of deceased mortals but not a means of punishment for the eternally damned, and it’s ruled by a god also named Hades. Mortals occasionally went in and came out alive, like when Odysseus, deep in the throes of his epic journey, wandered into the underworld and encountered the shade of his bro Achilles. That said, I’ll assume Western States was 100 miles at pleasant room temperature.

Snarky and pointless dissertation aside, congrats again on showing the west coast what Beast Coasters are made of.


This is the quality content I stay here for @Petorius

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@TommyTighe the western heat snuck up on me. I made the mistake of having way to much fun on the decent into canyons. By the time I got to the bottom it was lights out. If someone had found me I would have been pulled. After that it wasn’t quads being blown as much as just being zapped. It took me forever to recover the muscle strength after that. The night time was just doing the work to undo the damage. Broth and Walk should be the name of my time on Cal street

The Ol’Broth N Walk…. :rofl:

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